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Phil HomepageWhen you suffer a personal injury, your life can be turned upside down in a moment.  You may face mounting medical bills, lost wages, inability to pay creditors, an uncertain future, emotional distress and physical disability. You need immediate, effective, aggressive and compassionate help from an experienced lawyer who concentrates in personal injury cases.  Not all lawyers concentrate in personal injury and not all lawyers have the same skill, knowledge and experience. The level of  skill, knowledge and experience your lawyers brings to your case can affect the outcome of your case positively or, unfortunately, negatively.

Attorney Soloperto has 28 years of experience in representing victims of personal injury.  He has evaluated and litigated thousands of cases from routine auto accidents to complex, multi-party cases which involve serious injury and death.  For several of those years, he worked in Boston defending large insurance companies’ insureds in complex, high-dollar value, serious injury litigation, as well as, in lower dollar value cases which involved injury to soft tissue structures, such as muscles and ligaments.

Attorney Soloperto has worked extensively with orthopedic physicians and neurologists, among other medical specialists, and has developed a thorough, working knowledge of the nature and extent of traumatic injury, and the short and long term effects such injuries can have on the quality of life of the clients.  He has also worked with economists, psychologists, engineers and other forensic specialists in the evaluation, investigation and preparation of his clients’ cases so that his clients could obtain maximum value for their pain and suffering and financial losses.

While he worked for these insurance companies, he gained a unique insight into what motivates insurance companies to settle cases, what factors were important to insurance adjusters in case evaluations, how a case must be presented to an adjuster to maximize value and the inner workings of insurance company claim departments.

Mr. Soloperto puts that experience to work for his clients who have suffered personal injury and he is pleased and honored to put this wealth of experience to work for you and to your advantage.   … More