Sampling Of Verdicts And Settlements

$1,718,207.00 Structured Life Expectancy Value Motorcycle Accident

$570,000.00 Auto Accident-Liquor Liability

$500,000.00 Structured SettlementĀ Truck Accident

$475,000.00 Property Dispute

$450,000.00 Property Dispute

$300,000.00 Property Dispute

$300,000.00 Auto Accident

$266,000.00 Auto Accident

$193,000.00 Auto Accident

$167,000.00 Business Dispute

$156,000.00 Business Dispute

$135,000.00 Premises Liability Snow And Ice

$125,000.00 Premises Liability Snow And Ice

Numerous Recoveries For Clients In The Range Of $50,000.00-$100,000.00

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Please be advised that a recovery in one case does not guarantee the same recovery in similar cases.